Friday, July 7, 2017

Announcement: Open Merfolk Dance Saturday July 8

Safe Waters Foundation is happy to announce an Open Merfolk Dance with the lovely Cynthia Maine (Mermaid DJ) spinning tunes.

We are publicizing outside of Safe Waters Foundation and are hoping to get some curious legged folk in - can you come to show them the variety of our community and show them to our transformation center in headquarters if needed?  We also have free diving outfit up there - our builder is spiffing the place up.

Great tunes - come and dance and perhaps introduce some people to SL Underwater!

Here is how it is going out to the public:  DANCE LIKE A MERMAID (OR MERMAN)

Yes, we are dancing underwater and we will happily help you find underwater attire if you need any. There are free tails available as well as diving equipment or a little breathing bubble for your head. Or just come and dance with us as you are! Sea creatures welcome of course. How long has it been since you tried a little fun under the sea?

IM  Grace Wrigglesworth for details

Fanci's Deep Community Center, Union Passage (220, 218, 1)

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