Friday, July 21, 2017

Pixel to Pixel Eighth Anniversary Dance Party And Open House: July 22

Greetings, Friends! We hope your SL is going great! We're having an event, and you're invited, along with your friends!

The Pixel To Pixel Foundation

♪♫♪  WHAT - 8th Anniversary Dance Party and Open House
♪♫♪  WHEN - Saturday, July 22, from 12 noon to 2 p.m. SLT
♪♫♪  WHERE - P2P Headquarters at Clairehaven


Come help us celebrate 8 years of improving the SL-lives of people on disability. Great Friends, Music, Food, and Limbo Dancing. Theme: Hawaiian. Dress: Beach Wear/Casual

Here's your limo:



The Pixel To Pixel Foundation's mission is to provide support for individuals on disability who are members of the SL community. The foundation provides a financial stipend to those who qualify, as well as other supports. The stipend enables people with drastically limited means to do things that many enjoy in SL without giving it a second thought -- have a home, buy some clothing or furniture, or simply taking snapshots or uploading textures.


We're in need of new donations! Would you like to help?

Any amount helps, and all amounts, large and small, do add up. You can help us get more people off of our waiting list and continue to support the ones that we already do!


We rely on a steady stream of donations to provide the stipends on a weekly basis. The math is very simple. The more we can fund raise, the more people who can receive assistance. There is a waiting list of people that you can help us to assist. Any donation helps, whether it is large or small, a one-time donation, or something you feel called to do on a regular basis.

You can help make this happen for people in Second Life who are on disability. You can become a part of that enabled or re-enabled ability to thrive. By donating to the Pixel To Pixel Foundation, you are helping people to stay in Second Life, and to better enjoy the full range of opportunities that it can give them.

However you choose to donate, we thank you on behalf of our clients and ourselves. It's a beautiful thing you're doing, and it makes a real difference.

Thank you, everyone!

Jadyn Firehawk, Founder
Pixel To Pixel Foundation

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