Monday, July 10, 2017

Sansar Creator Preview - Ria

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Posted on July 6 by Linden Lab, with the help of Draxtor Despress, "Opening to the public in 2017, Sansar is the best way to create, share, and monetize your own social VR experiences. You can apply to join our creator preview community now at Ria shares her thoughts on this new platform and offers a sneak peek at "Little Giant," one of the first experiences created with Sansar during the creator preview."

Daniel Voyager, Inra Pey, and Hamlet Au would write about the video, Inra having the most to say.  Being a promotional video, Inra cautioned, "Those looking for details on Sansar are going to be disappointed ... given it is a promo video, reading too much into what 'is' or 'isn’t' said would be a mistake." Among what was spoken was Ria's claim that "right now, there is nothing even remotely like Sansar, " something any Second Life user will tell you is not true. Hamlet Au was unusually critical of the Lab for this, "Linden Lab knows full well, because for one thing, the company's invested in Philip Rosedale's High Fidelity. Not to mention all the other competitors in the social VR space which have similar aspects to all or most of what Sansar is purporting to offer." It could easily be argued this is another sign Linden Lab is expecting few Second Life users to make a complete change to Sansar and will be marketing their next generation virtual world to others.

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