Friday, July 7, 2017

Press Release: Fourth Annual Castle, Home, and Garden Contest

You all know how much the 4th Annual Castle, Home and Garden Contest means to us! With 63 merchants, 29 builds in the contest, and $L670,000 poised to go into kiosks of teams at the end of the contest, all of our hard work comes to this...

the FOURTH annual Opening Ceremony for the Castle, Home and Garden Contest! From 3pm-4pm we will have a speaker at Opening Ceremony, the Zaphara Cazalet Memorial Award and the official ribbon cutting.

We can't wait, and we hope to see you all there! Landmarks to come when sims are active.

You are invited to..
4th Annual Castle, Home and Garden Contest
63 merchants
29 builds
10 themes

Opening Ceremony
Sunday July 23rd 3-4pm SLT
Be there or the Otter will Cry

Thank you! :)
-The CHG Staff
Rowena Dubrovna and Henrietta Demina, Co-Chairs
Sidonie Carlberg, Entertainment Chair
Cuddly Waffle, Grace Devin, Mac Aries- Sim Designers
NinaSofia Constantine, Speed Build Organizer

Special Thanks to:
Nuala Maracas, Leala Spire, Grace Devin- Relay for Life ELT
Hope Walker/Stingray Raymaker, ACS Partners
All contestants and merchants involved with the CHG!

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