Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Recklass Driving on the Relay Track

Not the actual car: a dramatization
At one point last night while the camps of the Relay Track were being worked on, there was a bit of panic in the Relay for Life Track builder chat, Fuzzball Ortega saying, "I don't know who's driving that vehicle. But......EVERYONE OFF THE TRACK!!!!" He added a few seconds later, "And's not me." Athenaeum Archivist told the group, "They crashed into our stack of books and drove off." Madonna Daehlie commented, "That's even more dangerous than the lunatic flying around the track in a Wright Flyer this week." Fuzzball commented further, "I saw some car driving all over the track, and I said to myself, "Damn, I thought Fuzz wasn't rezzing any vehicles" and then I realized, 'I'm Fuzz'." KumaguroBunnyBear Resident commented, "I've known people to land cars in trees and on roofs."

Eclair Martinek admitted being the guilty driver, "Dianna kept talking to me while I was driving. I hope I didn't destroy any campsites." But the car was never found, she later saying she drove it into a body of water to get rid of the evidence. Trader Whiplash had to leave when this incident was still fresh, "I leave you all to drive each other nuts until I return. Don't burn down the sims."

No doubt there will continue to be examples of mayhem and hilarity at the Relay Track as time ticks on to the Relay Weekend this Saturday and Sunday.

Bixyl Shuftan