Thursday, June 28, 2018

At the RFL Black Sea Raft-Up

On Sunday June 24 from 9AM to 3PM in a four-sim area in the Blake Sea was the "Raft-Up" event. This was a six-hour Relay event held by the Sail for Life team. There was music, dancing, and lots of boats of all sizes.

Besides the Relay kiosks, one could also donate by purchasing tickets to a raffle. One would "add" the ticket, then touch the raffle drawing they wanted to enter. Single tickets cost 100L each, with larger amounts costing less per ticket. Among the prizes available were boats and sailboats.

The event was packed, and yours truly crashed a number of times, so I didn't stay long. Sail for Life has been a long-lasting team in the Relay, having been around for a number of years. Their team page shows them as having raised $1015 US dollars, or a little over 250,000 Lindens, Platinum level fundraising.

Image Credit: Debi Dast

Bixyl Shuftan.

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