Monday, June 25, 2018

Reader Submitted: Reporting From Terra

"Hello! TERA's very own news fox and the president of the TERA Bixyl News Fox Fan Club (and vice president... with no vices!) here! Big news tonight! Participants of the PvP Battleground "Kumas Royale" found their challenge tonight to not so much be a piece of cake... as the battle was to bake cakes! Not as easy as pie, it would seem! As the red team got creamed with pies, it seems! Consensual, being a battleground, of course! 

In the end, the strain proved to be too much for one Human as he ended up completely baked on his own brownies, which ironically did not score very high. In the end, it was a star player in another game who won and beat them all, eggs included. The one and only Naughty Nydia baked a cake so royale it became a total flush across the internet for the players in Kumas, their failed attempt becoming only a royale pain in the tail to clean up. 

Signing off, live from the local studio TERA Bull Puns and News, the one and only News Fox Malya, Bixyl News Fox Fan Club President! This message was brought to you by the following sponsor: Half-Baked Puns-R-Us, where the puns are so stale, they make DJ Snowy go 'BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!' 

 Malya Violetsong

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