Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Eye on the Blog: "Second Life 15th Birthday Kickoff - A Tapestry of Time"

With the SL15B in full swing, on Monday, Linden Lab posted on the official blog about the celebration, and the many things you can see, hear, do, and find.

As Second Life turns 15, we look to the past, present and into the future of what makes this such an incredible community and place. The theme we chose for this year’s celebration is ‘Crystal’ - and it seemed the perfect theme for a year in which we want to reflect on Second Life’s incredible history, embrace its thriving present, and look forward to its exciting future.


As we met to discuss all the things we wanted to do this year, the idea of a ‘tapestry of time’ came up again and again. Imagine a bazaar filled with colorful tents and tapestries from all walks of life. As you move through the street you encounter wonderfully diverse and interesting people, each bringing something unique to contribute to the bustle of the bazaar. As you pause to take in the sights and sounds, you glimpse a woman sitting at a table inside one of the tents, her crystal ball shimmering on the table in front of her as she looks you in the eye and invites you to come sit and see what the past, present, and future of Second life have in store for you.

Every year, Linden Lab has had a present for the residents. This time, the Lab is ramping things up a bit by making it a "Weekly Gift Grab" in which residents can get a new gift every week for the next fifteen weeks, to Sept. 24.

For the next 15 weeks, we’ll be releasing a different crystal-themed gift each week. All you have to do is find and collect the gifts. Each fabulous gift is available for one week only, and in one Region only. The Region will change each week, and we'll be publishing clues each week to help you find the Region to search for that week's gift – watch the Second Life social media channels and the Blog at for the clues.

The "Swaginator HUD" to find the items in the Gift Grab is at SL15B Fascinate (168/120/26). Then one looks for the weekly clue posted by Linden Lab, then searches for the item. The Lab promises a "super-special prize" in the last week, Sept 17-24, in which to acquire, you'll need to have gotten the previous 14 items.

The Lab mentioned two parties this week at the SL15B Cake Stage, with contests which they offered prizes to winners. These are the "Come As You Were" aka the newbie party that took place on Monday, and the Crystal Ball Party and Costume Contest, which is Wednesday June 20 from 7-9PM.

The Lab also mentioned their SL15B Shopping Event.

For the first time ever - we’ve gathered 80 of Second Life’s Merchants across 4 Regions for  one big shopping extravaganza that you don’t want to miss! Each Merchant is providing a free gift in celebration of this landmark birthday and offering incredible deals on some of their most popular items. In addition, many will also be participating in a sale on the Marketplace as well. Visit each Region below to get a little celebratory shopping in, grab free gifts, and take advantage of the amazing discounts. A full list of participating Merchants is available here. Many of the Merchants are also participating in a Marketplace sale, so be sure to visit them in the web as well as inworld!
You can visit any of the 4 Regions from the Destination Guide.

And Linden Lab also announced the line-up and schedule for their SL15B Music Fest, "In tradition of the last several Second Life birthdays, we have three days of incredible live music lined up for you!"

The event runs from Friday June 22 to Sunday June 24, with all performances on Stage Left at SL15B Mesmerize (128/227/25). You can find the scheduled line-up of musicians on the webpage here, "though may be subject to changes because that’s showbiz!"

Last but not least, the "Meet the Lindens" interviews by Saffia Widdershins at the Auditorium were mentioned, going from Monday to Friday at 2PM. The interview tomorrow is with CEO Ebbe Altberg/Ebbe Linden.

That's a lot of stuff to digest - and it's just the beginning! See you inworld, Second Life Residents - and thank you for making this place for the last 15 years, and the next 15 to come!

For more information: Click Here.

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