Friday, June 29, 2018

Cross-Country Giant Snail Races in Raglan Shire

On Saturday June 23 at a little after 10:30 AM, the Giant Snail Racers had a cross-sim race that started on their home sim, and went through the sims of the Raglan Shire tiny community. The race had the usual zany antics of the Snail Races, with cannons launching the snails over gaps in the race track.

The order of those finishing went as follows:

Magnek Fang 1
Alden Cortes 2
BrianTopp Resident 3
CharlieCosmic Resident 4
Lobbie Riggles 5
Tindallia Soothsayer 6
Linn Darkwatch 7
Caleb Kit 8
Diego Savagard 9
ZackOakley Resident 10

The race was held in part to raise funds for the Relay for Life

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