Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Volcanic Activity in Sunweaver Estates

With the Kilauea Volcano in Hawaii continuing to flow lava after over 40 days, it was just the luck of the Sunweaver Estates that it would have a volcanic eruption of it's own. Shockwave Yareach warned the residents in group chat about the lava flow just after 7PM on the night of June 19, "Dear Sunweavers. As you no doubt know, SunWaterThree is a Volcanic island.  And as is happening in Hawaii, the Eastern side is experiencing an eruption right now.  But please remember:  Volcanos are not barbeques.  Please do not roast weenies or marshmallows over the lava as it has a tendancy to splatter and more importantly, burn the marshmallows.  Thank you."

With the marshmallow roasting jokes followed by those of roasting wieners, Cynthia Farshore spoke up, "Just logged on ... What the hell you guys doing THIS time?!" Shockwave answered, "Volcanic problems in SunwaterThree.  I knew that rubber stopper wasn't gonna hold." "I told you rubber will burn." "Like the phrase 'burn rubber,'" Grease Coakes commented, "I'd hate to reroll a new SL account due to death by lava." Zorro Wuramunga suggested, "You could try throwing a virgin in it.  Where is Vixie?" But Vixie was nowhere to be found.

It is unknown how long the Sunwater Three volcano will be erupting. For any Second Life residents in the area, you're free to approach the volcano at your own risk. For those in real life in or about to vacation in Hawaii, approaching a real volcano is something best left to experts as invisible toxic gasses are far more likely to do you in than hot lava.

Bixyl Shuftan

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