Thursday, June 14, 2018

Press Release: Fifth Annual Relay For Life Farshore Field Air Show Fly-in

Team Sunbeamers welcomes you to the 5th Annual RFL Sunbeamer Air Show Fly-in.

The Sunbeamers team welcomes you to the 5th Annual Farshore Field Steampunk Air Show Fly-in this Saturday the 16th of June between the hours of 8AM to 4PM SLT. There will be planes on display with information about them. Some Pilots will be on hand to give rides and flight demonstrations or you can just BYOAP [Bring Your Own AirPlane] and stunt around yourself.

During the show there will be a number of activities to participate in. These activities we ask for a donation to the Relay For Life kiosk located at each. These include being shot out of a cannon straight up to about 300 Meters where a provided parachute gently brings you back down. You keep the special RFL 2018 textured parachute for free. Then you can help cool each other by taking turns dunking your partner in a nice cool dunk tank, that is instead of a beanbag you fire a German 88mm shell into its target!! How often do you get to shoot such an historical gun?  There will be other activities so come explore as well as many fun spots around the sim.

From 4PM till 6PM SLT there will be an after flights dance and activities in The Goblin Cave located on the hill over looking the field. No theme dressing needed, no contest, just socializing and relaxing after a hard day of flying.

Rated G during event

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