Monday, June 25, 2018

The Last Day of Second Life Birthday Events

Sunday June 24 was the last day, at least officially, for events at the Second Life Birthday grounds. And people had one last chance to enjoy the parties there. And there were a number.

At 8PM the night before, it was the "Live Music with Dance and Special Light Show" by "Tuna Oddfellow. It wasn't at one of the stages, but at a special platform over 650 meters in the air. For those who hadn't seen his "Odd Ball" performances before, it was quite an experience. For those interested, Tuna has recently resumed his Odd Ball. Instant-message him to find out when his performances take place.

 At 12 Noon at the Cake Stage, DJ Tantari.played some tunes for the crowd. She played her "Space First Stage" set of music.

For about two hours, the high-energy blue vixen wowed the crowd with her sci-fi tunes.

Not everyone listening was on two legs. At one point a black unicorn showed up.

The exhibits were up and running as always, though the action was mostly at the clubs

By late in the night, the events at Stage North (above), the Central Stage, and even Stage Left wound down. The action was at The Cake.

At 11PM, people gathered at The Cake for the last official party, and in a sense the last hurrah.

DJ A.F.I. (Ladigirl Resident), a real-life DJ from Hollywood California, spun the tunes.

Besides the regular-sized avatars, there was a giant, and a large anthro dragon.

But regardless of how we looked, we were there for the same reason, to end the celebrations with a bang.

Among those there was cake builder Mikati Slade.

But all good things must come to an end. And at Midnight, DJ A.F.I. closed her set with a display of fireworks.

But while this is the end of the official events, this is not the end of "The Birthday." The sims will remain up and open to the public until July 1, and so most of the exhibits will remain as well (It always seems at least one guy jumps the gun and leaves right away). And there is the tradition of the "Cake Explosion," which will be sometime later this week.

"Happy 15th Birthday Second Life."

Bixyl Shuftan

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