Sunday, March 22, 2020

Announcement: This Week at the Seanchai Libraries

THIS WEEK: The Celebration Continues!

Join us as we celebrate 12 Years! A Round Dozen years, sharing thousands of stories and poems, hundreds of authors, and building community across divides of global space. And more!  Share the joy of stories this week, presented LIVE in Second Life, and on Seanchai Library's properties in Kitely.

Check out the stories and the storytellers at

All stories told in open voice unless otherwise noted. All times SL/PT

 *SUNDAY, March 22nd:

~ at 1:00pm: VOLUME 12: Seanchai Library Celebrates 12 Years, with Stories and Poems in Seanchai Library's Ceiliuradh Glen at Holly Kai Park. Shandon Loring, Da5id Abbot, Elrik Merlin, Corwyn Allen, Kayden Oconnell, Caledonia Skytower, and Aoife Lorefield, live.

~ 2-5pm: RADIO RIEL DJ CHALLENGE #4: "Celtic" Music & Dancing in Ceiliuradh Glen as three DJ's take three different views of the theme, broadcasting from The Glen on Radio Riel - @ 2pm: Elrik Merlin; @3pm: Ktadhn Vesuvino; @4pm: Gabrielle Riel, all live.
Both events at Ceiliuradh Glen - Holly Kai Estates (220/60/2966)

~ at 6:30pm: MAGICLAND STORYTIME: "The Secret Garden" Continues. Caledonia Skytower reads from Frances Hogsdon Burnett's first published book (1911). Live on Stream. That which seems neglected and withering can still thrive with caring and hard work - whether they be flowers and trees, or even people. The New Golden Horseshoe Bracket (181/57/30)

*MONDAY, March 23rd, at 7pm:  Isaac Asimov' THE UGLY LITTLE BOY continues with Gyro Muggins.

*TUESDAY, March 24th, at 7:10 pm:  Michael Swanwick's GOBLIN LAKE with Willow Moonfire, live on stream.

*WEDNESDAY, March 25th at 7pm: THE PHANTOM TOLLBOOTH continues with Finn Zeddmore.

*THURSDAY, March 26th:

    ~ at 7pm: Jenna Elizabeth Johnson's BANE & BALM: A Fae Tale of Eire  with Shandon Loring. (Also in Kitely!  Find teleport from the main Seanchai World

    ~ at 9pm: SEANCHAI LATE NIGHT, Contemporary Sci-Fi-Fantasy with Finn Zeddmore featuring stories from sources including Escape Pod, Light Speed, and Clarkesworld online magazines.


THIS SUNDAY! Seanchai Library Celebrates 12 Years!

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