Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Happy Saint Patrick's Day

It's Saint Patrick's Day, the day that celebrates everything Irish. And there are a few Irish-themed places in Second Life.

One such place is Castle Blarney. It's where the Blarney Stone is located. Just head to the top, lay on the floor where the stone is, and kiss it. Will you receive the gift of gab (or be "full of Blarney")? Who knows.

Castle Blarney is in the Wilde sim at (150, 110, 33).

Another appropriate location is the Castle Blarney Pub in the Dublin sim. This location has been in Second Life for years, and always draws a crowd this time of year. So be prepared for lag. "Come visit the lively, always-exciting Blarney Stone Irish Bar in Second Life. Social events and live DJ music occur daily. Live music concerts are also held three times a week."

Dublin (82/82/25).

A favorite among shoppers this time of year is St. Patrick's Town. It's in Laura Liberty's Townies sim. There are shops you can get green outfits, as well as props such as rainbows and pots of gold. There's also a rainibow slide you can zip down, into a pile of gold coins. There's also a beer dunking booth, and a gold mine where you can find gold bars with gifts inside.

Townies (127/27/25)

 In the Celtic Mist sim is Finian's Dream. The Destination Guide describes it, "A mystical and beautiful land, based on old Celtic Ireland. Come discover the secrets of the forest as you explore the misty woods, stop by the tavern, see the countryside, and visit a castle. The region was designed by Noralie78. "

Celtic Mist (97/45/28)

Happy Saint Patrick's Day

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