Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Torley Linden Gone From Linden Lab

Some sad news for longtime Second Life users. Torley, the beloved Linden noted for his "Friendly Greetings" tutorial videos about Second Life and his fondness for watermelon, is no longer with Linden Lab.

In his LinkedIn account, Torley described his employment with Linden Lab as ending in February 2020, which was the time a number of Sansar's already severely cut staff was hit with layoffs. He had been working on Linden Lab's "next generation virtual world" for three years, and employed with Linden Lab for a few weeks shy of fifteen years.

A few weeks ago, a reader notified the Newser of signs something was wrong, the disappearance of Torley's sims such as "Here." But there wasn't anything else to go on at the time.

Considering Torley's devotion to Second Life, and the number of fans he had, as well as numerous residents whom never forgot him despite his Second Life tutorials eventually ending years ago, this is sad news not just for the users of the virtual world, but Linden Lab as well.

Hat Tip: Hamlet Au

Bixyl Shuftan


  1. Very sad news.

    I'm going to miss Torley.

  2. Anyone but Torley �� ♥

  3. After he made it through the Night of Knives... And all the other cutbacks since...