Tuesday, March 24, 2020

More Landmass Next to Bellisseria

When we last checked on Bellisseria about two weeks ago, over a dozen sims had been added to the north of the 21 added in February. In the past few days however, a few more scattered sims were added to the east, which yesterday became a huge land area worthy of being called another continent.

The huge new area is currently inaccessible. But the sims just off Bellisseria are continuing to be developed, with Victorian style Linden Homes, streets, and special places such as designated "Party Area"s.

What the new land mass will contain, we can only speculate. But it's looking like Bellisseria may soon no longer be called the "new continent."

Bixyl Shuftan


  1. As far it is Visible, there will come Victorians and Loghomes. It becomes very boring without any "Main Areas" like a bigger Park or a Public Center. Why not a "LL Mall" with a simple Supermarket (RP only) or Playgrounds for Dogs and Children etc. ???
    So it is BORING now. Just endless Suburbs without any "Virtual Reality"

  2. Not quite. There are camping areas with trails and campfires, beach areas with lounge chairs, rezz spots for boats on the shoreline, lighthouses, a couple airstrips, and the SS Galaxy.

  3. It's odd... if you spend time exploring the Mainland you find tons of "Abandoned Land." You wonder why they cant simply re-purpose that?