Friday, March 13, 2020

Announcement: This Saturday at The Science Circle - "Physics And Arts"

"Physics And Arts"

Saturday March 14

10 AM to 11 AM SL time

By Professor Giuseppe Longo

The talk will try to demonstrate, with many examples, that science and arts are much more entangled than what is commonly understood. Not only because arts make use of the most recent technological developments to create new forms of expressions, but also at a much deeper level. Both Sciences and Arts are in fact different ways to systematise and organize the perception of the world  and therefore reflect what in a given epoch can be called the “cultural paradigm”. Every time deep changes take place in this paradigm, equally deep changes take place in both Arts and Sciences. In some cases arts anticipates science and in others science anticipate Arts.
To read more, Click Here. (Auditorium)

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