Friday, March 6, 2020

Announcement: This Saturday at The Science Circle - "Data Into Insight"

"Data Into Insight - Teasing How Molecules Behave"

Saturday, March 7

By Dr. Mike Shaw

My current research involves the exploration of electron-transfer events on models of biologically-relevant molecules such as the heme-nitric-oxide complex. My students learn how to work with air- and moisture-sensitive materials so as to prepare target compounds, and then we have to gather data on these materials so as to be able to prove they are what we set out to make. Once we have the materials in hand, we can start doing experiments which probe the chemical consequences of electron transfer on these compounds.

With examples from my research program, I’ll show you how data we collect tells us about the quality of the materials, and how the data reveals the consequences of electron-transfer events involving these materials. I’ll talk specifically about what we can learn from infrared spectroscopy, magnetic resonance, and an electrochemical technique called voltammetry.

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