Friday, March 20, 2020

Three Shopping Events

There are a number of events this weekend. Two have been going on all week, and are ending soon. The third will go on to the end of the month. One is the "Art Walk 2020 At Gulls Wing Sailing Club." This is a Relay for Life event in which the money goes to the Gull's Wing Sailing Club team.

Art Walk 2020 At Gulls Wing Sailing Club starts on the 15th of March and runs through the 22nd of March. 100% of sales go to Relay for Life in Second Life!

36 (added 2 more!) RFL Limited Quantity kiosks featuring some of SL's best Artists have donated their art to find a cure for cancer. Come by and see Art in The Park gallery while you are deciding which artwork you have to have.

Dropping by, the artwork was not framed and on easels or on a wall, but in kiosks. One has to pay the amount of Lindens in to get the artwork. Clicking on the poster near the crosswalk one gets a booklet that tells you a little about the event. Among the artists whose works are for sale are Anibrm Jung, Slatan, and Silvermoon.  The event ends Sunday March 22.

Another event going on, one featured in the official blog and Destinations Guide, is the Cyber Fair.

Transport yourself to the future with CYBER Fair by ACCESS, open March 5th to 25th. You will find sci-fi, tech, robotic designs, and cyberpunk items by amazing content creators in Second Life. The future is now at CYBER fair! For more information, visit:

There are numerous futuristic/cyberpunk-themed items up for sale. This includes a few gachas. With real life news full of stories about an epidemic and viruses, no surprise that among the items are a number of respirators and masks. The event ends Wednesday March 25.

And for lovers of gacha sales, the Gacha Guild spring event is taking place. The theme is "Spirited Japanese Festival."

Gacha Guild is back again this Spring, themed to honor one of the greatest Studio Ghibli movies of all time, Spirited Away! Get whisked away to a whimsical world in mythical Japan. Grab some gachas and even some gold when the bathhouse opens. Surely someone in there will trade you something good for it. Event is open from March 1st to March 31st. The hunt begins on March 14th!

The place has numerous avatars and accessories up for sale. As before, people can sell vouchers, rare ones sometimes selling for quite a bit, or giving them to friends. There is also a Halftime Hunt event that opened a few days ago. Getting the HUD for it, one looks for piles of gold which are worth points which can be exchanged for prizes. You can do this while exploring the area outside the market stall place, which has some trails and caves (which will tp you to other spots on the sim). Going about, I also found a mahjong table which looked playable. Although the sim is rated adult, the organizers have asked people to hide any exposed genitals. The event is open until the end of the month.

Bixyl Shuftan 

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