Thursday, March 19, 2020

Coronavirus Info Center at Inspiration Island

For those wanting to know more about the Coronavirus, and want more than just news reports and Facebook posts, there's an information center at Inspiration Island. Here, you can read some basic facts and statistics. It was made by Briellr Coronet.

A special information area on CO-VID has been set up at the HEALTH HACIENDA on Inspiration Island by Brielle Coronet, RL Medical Librarian at a major U.S. teaching hospital in NJ,  with contributions by Veronica, a RL Consumer Health Librarian in Connecticut.

It will be kept up to date as Brielle attends daily official briefings. If you have questions, leave them for her in the Dropbox here:


  1. All talks about COVID-19 all the time, and no one is talking about the EARN IT Act, that remove all privacy, that the US Gov is sneaking into law.

  2. Actually, we did -