Friday, July 9, 2021

Emergence 2021


Opening today, Conception, 2021 Emergence! It is an event of the Burning Man in Second Life. There will be so many parties 24/7 beginning after the opening 4:00 pm slt Friday and ending Sunday. There are wonderful gifts on the table before the entrance at Deep Hole. I already grabbed them. Some boxes are from previous events in case you missed them.

To get an idea of what Conception is all about see . From there you can get to the Event Calendar to see who will be playing at the stage and when!

If you like riding horses there is a horse rezzer (saddle ) in front of the Burning Man Office  before you go to the entrance. Or , once inside there is a choice of Art Cars to take you around . I did a quick overview ride on my horse Sugar to see the wonderful installations that creators have placed and they are beautiful. Be sure to take the tour pod ride to get an overview and visit the individuals after  that.  I will be on the playa as a Ranger so say hello.

Gemma Cleanslate

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