Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Last Scheduled Day For SL18B Exhibits


Since Thursday June 17, the various exhibits of the Second Life 18th Birthday have been available for all to see. But today, Tuesday July 6, is the last day scheduled most will be able to see them. Tomorrow, the plan is to close them to the public as exhibitors are given a couple days to pick up what they want. 

Hello everyone. I hope you all had a great time celebrating Second Life's 18th Birthday! We want to thank you all for contributing your creativity to the the event. Now comes the sad point where we have to close the party, The regions will stay open thru Tuesday, July 6. Please come and pick up your exhibits July 7-8 before the regions disappear on July 9.

Again thank you for being a part of SL18B. Now let's start planning for next year!!

So if you haven't seen all the builds yet, now's your last chance, such as this zoo in SLB Amaze (44/117/23)

There are a number which are interactive and you can have fun on, like Nance Clowes' Amusements with neat rides, also at SLB Amaze (211/86/23).

I ran into Mrs. Mia Wallace (Mia Quinote) at the Burn2 Burning Man Regional  build at SL18B, which has a hidden area, "Pro tip: click that freezer door wink wink!" SLB Pizzazz (81,32,23)

One other build Mia liked was "Larry's Garage", which had links to several notable places across the Grid at SLB Incredible (110,79,23).

In SLB Sparkle (40/33/22) was "Sarah's Adventures in Second Life," a narrated tale of a child avatar's life in an SL small town. 

At SLB Incredible (73,11,23) was The Emerald City, which had a tribute to Ebbe Linden.

"Let's Enjoy The Sea" had some boats to ride, SLB Stunning (146/148/24)

And of course the SL Newser's own exhibit at The exhibit is at SLB Pizzazz (187/171/23).

Be sure to see them before "The Birthday" closes down.

Bixyl Shuftan

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