Monday, July 12, 2021

Mobile App for Second Life Approved by Apple


At the Web User Group Meeting moderated by Keira Linden on July 7, Keira had some details on several issues. But the most notable one was about Linden Lab's mobile app for Second Life. She announced that it had been approved by Apple for it's App Store. It wasn't currently in the store as the Lab wants to add a few things before it gets posted. It will just be the iOS version as Android still needs more work.

The app is just a chat app only with no 3D view, for now. Also for now, one can only directly IM others with it, though group chat should be available later. One can search names on the app, but it can't access notecards (or anything else in inventory). Keira Linden thought it would be particularly useful for Second Life merchants to keep in touch with customers away from their computers.

To read in detail what Keira Linden stated about the app, see more in Design.

image from video by Pantera Polnocy