Friday, July 9, 2021

Press Release: Burn2 Conception 2021: Emergence

Burn2 Conception 2021:  Emergence
Opening 5:00pm SLT, Friday, 9 July 2021
Ending Midnight SLT, Sunday, 11 July 2021
SLURL:Burning Man- Deep Hole

Conception 2021: Emergence

With this theme, the Conception event seeks to explore interpretations of emergence that are not necessarily about the usual ideas of “emerging” from or through things.about becoming greater, becoming awesome, colorful, unique. How can you interpret the physical or conceptual on or above the Playa? How can things transform, and what sorts of experiences can serve to transform us?

As always, the Ten Principles serve as our framework for how we want to live and do things together. Read Event Lead Holocluck Henly’s words in further explaining the theme, here:

The playa has already transformed from its barren,forlorn appearance into a riot of colour, movement and life!

Conception is our third Regional event of the year. It will open with the Lamplighters doing a walk-onaroundthe Deep Hole playa at 5:00 PM SLT on the 9th of July.With their usual fiery enthusiasm they invite everyoneto tour the art installations and camps until finally arriving at the Main Stage, where we can all letloose a littlefire to properly start things off, and start theydo, with music and much dancing!

Burn With Us!
The moment you step off the walkway and onto the playa,you are no longer a mere spectator; you becomepart of the spectacle. Welcome Home!

SHARE the News and Plan to Come!
We look forward to welcoming Home Burners and thecommunity. Experience Burn2 once again. Enter theplaya through the Gate, walk-on with the Lamplighters;visit the Rangers, see the effigy that shall be burned.Wander, explore, climb, interact. Visit the stages,where DJs and musicians bring music to soothe, inspire,excite and incite to dance. You will be surroundedby art, music, fire and welcoming Burners! See the (continuously updated) BURN2 Calendar at for the event’s schedule.

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