Wednesday, May 11, 2022

"All Good Things ..." Fairelands Sims Close This Evening


It's been lots of fun. But sadly the party has to come to a close. And sometime tonight after being online since Thursday April 21, the Fairelands sims of the Fantasy Faire will close down and soon fade away into the virtual mists from whence they came. Residents have until then to do things such as finish the Fairelands Quest, or explore around. For the Quest, there is an "Express HUD" available to finish it early, but it will cost 5000L.

Zander Greene wrote an interesting commentary of the close, "The Fairelands have to fade, because until they do, we can never process what this time has meant, what was precious about it. That’s where the magic that the Faire is made of comes from. We know that from the opening day, the days are numbered. And in that brief, astonishing time, we revel in their life. And in their passing, we touch upon a grief that is – counter-intuitively – uplifting."

But the passing of the Fantasy Faire isn't the end of the Relay. This Friday the 13th for instance is the Relaystock, and the teams get together for a little peace, love, and rock n' roll until Sunday the 15th. There's the Sunbeamer Air Show later this month on Saturday May 21.  And of course there's the Relay Weekend, Saturday June 11 to Sunday June 12.

For more pictures of the Faire, Click Here

Go Relay!

Bixyl Shuftan

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