Thursday, May 26, 2022

RFL Announcement: More Sunbeamer "Bid Me" Events

Earlier this Relay season, the Sunbeamer team did a few "Bid Me" events, which resulted in two taking on a different look for a week. Once again, the team has a few members putting their looks on the line to raise money for the American Cancer Society.

The various "Bid Me" events all involve pairs of kiosks at Club Cutlass. The left ot each pair is the "default" in which those wishing to keep the volunteer as is can donate. The right kiosk is the one for the volunteer's new look. How long the person stays in their new look depends on the change kiosk being higher and how much was donated. Fractions of weeks are rounded down. For instance if someone pledged to stay a new look for every 5000 Lindens donated, and 9999L was donated, he or she would only need to spend one week changed. But one more Linden dollar would make it two weeks.

Team Captain Rita Mariner is offering to go pink bunny with "Bid Rita Pink." This is something of a big deal due to Rita doesn't care too much for the color, as what she spoke about it in the past illustrates:

Sunnies:  I have put myself up for a BID ME,  You can choose to keep me my cute, sweet, white bunny, or turn me into an EBIL, PINK BUNNY!  I dislike pink on me!  So here is your chance at REVENGE!

For every 3000 Linden dollars, rounded down, Rita has to spend a week having a "bubblegum crisis" as a bubblegum pink bunny. Those wanting to keep her white can donate to the left kiosk.

Next to Rita's kiosks are that of Bixyl Shuftan, whom volunteered for "Bid Bixyl Stinker." For every 3000 Linden dollars, rounded down, the normally foxy reporter will have to spend a week as a skunk (unless he's doing an interview or something else obvious for the Newser).

Liska da'Lantros (LiskaDaLantros Resident) is doing the third fundraiser in "Bid Liska Pink." For every 3000 Linden dollars, rounded down, she'll be a pink vixen.

The fourth Bid-Me fundraiser is that of òᴥó Mr.Fox da'Alenfey òᴥó (Spooked Dreamscape). For "Bid Fox Blue," for every 4000 Linden dollars rounded down, he will be in a different avatar.

All four "Bid Me" fundraisers last until Saturday June 4. At 8PM at the end of the party at Cutlass last night, the totals will be calculated and the results final and announced.

Sunweaver Bay (114/117/757).

Bixyl Shuftan

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