Monday, May 16, 2022

Fantasy Faire Raised Over 25 Million Lindens


As the memories of the 2022 Fantasy Faire are still fresh in the minds of it's fans, one notable statistic came to light: how much money it raised. The final total, listed on the Faire's blog, was listed as 25,834,763 Linden dollars, or $103,339 USD. 

For those who didn't bother, or didn't finish, this year's Fairelands Quest, Ava Delaney wrote a summary on how the interactive story and "treasure hunt" went.

It should be noted that Zander Greene, the remaining founder of the Fantsy Faire, will be stepping down from his leading role. So 2023 will mark the first time neither one of the two people who led in in 2009 will be directing the Faire. 

On a final note,  one certain picture by a Polyhistor Serpente (Click here to see the entire image) of her holding a cheeseburger in front of a gryphon got my attention. It's a bit silly, but in a sense it captures much of what the Faire is about. While most of it is planed in advance (the resident wearing the gryphon avatar), so much of it is spontanious (the girl on a whim getting the cheeseburger from her inventory and holding it out in front of him, and him reacting with a tongue rolling down the beak gesture). Some things can't really be planned. And the result was more fun for everyone.

Here's looking forward to the Fantasy Faire of 2023.

Source: Fantasy Faire blog

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  1. It was educational, and absolutely a -blast- to participate in this picture with Polyhistor - she is a true photographer. :)