Thursday, May 5, 2022

CDS Election Update: The Candidates


On  April 18, the Confederation of Democratic Simiulators (CDS) made it's call for candidates in their upcoming elections. On May 2, the day after the deadline, the Dean, Delia Lake, announced the list.

Chancellor - Tor Karlsvalt

Representative Assembly - Almut Brunswick, Jerry McNally, Rosie Gray, Agatha Macbeth, and Brian Livingston

A big thank you to you all from all of your fellow CDS citizens!

With the number of candidates being exactly the number of offices, this usually means the election becomes a formality. But this time, there's also a referendum to vote on.

"Should CDS join the Virtual World Education Consortium and move to the VWEC Eduverse reserve?"

A proposal has been made for CDS to join the Virtual World Education Consortium (VWEC) and move the estate at no cost to an educational/non-profit reserve on the SL Grid.

The purpose of the VWEC Eduverse reserve is to bring educational communities together into a common area. That area will include welcoming spaces for socializing and educational purposes, and for providing convenient links to the larger educational community. As well as supporting diversity and inclusion, there will also be opportunities for collaborative educational projects, and for sharing best practice of learning within virtual environments.

The CDS Government and a group of citizens already active in the VWEC are convinced that the CDS would blend in well. We can contribute as one of the oldest democratic communities in Second Life and our numerous creators and instructors can work towards the goals of the VWEC Eduverse.

As a VWEC member region, we would anticipate mutual inspiration and collaboration with our new neighbors. This could also have positive effects on the further development of the CDS community.

We will remain an independent working democracy within this wider community.

The idea of joining the Eduverse was favored by the current Representative Assembly. But as RA member Almut Brunswick put it, "I prefer to make this vote more official and transparent to the CDS public." So the matter will be put to the voters as a referendum. The matter was discussed in the CDS forums.

The campaigning doesn't officially start until May 7. But already residents are expressing their support for the issue. At the Antiquariat Bookstore at Neufreistadt (154/165/173), those in the CDS group can pick up a t-shirt, courtesy of Lilith Ivory.

Voting starts when the polls open on May 14, and close on May 21. On June 1, the new term of the local government, the 37th, officially begins.

Bixyl Shuftan

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