Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Announcement: Magician Productions Photo Contest

Hey everyone! To celebrate the start of the Magician Productions Discord server, and the fact that May is my birth month, I'm going to be hosting a CONTEST! This contest is going to be a photo contest! There will be 3 winners!

First, and foremost~ The only condition you have to enter the contest, is there must be an MP Product visible in the photo. That's IT! *

Contest will be ended on May 27th and Winners will be announced on May 30th

First Prize winner will receive: 2,000L prize, and a fatpack of their choice! (Choices including the Speckled Dragon Mod and M*P Inventory!)
Second Prize winner will receive: 1000L prize and a product of your choice (excluding fatpacks!)
Third Prize winner will receive: 500L prize OR a product of their choice (excluding fatpacks)

Please put your contest entries in the "Contest" channel here in the discord! Upload your image and include your FULL Name (Not your nickname) to the image as well as any extra details you'd like to have. ONE ENTRY PER PERSON! Please keep it tasteful. No extreme NSFW content!

To join the Discord server: Click Here - https: // .

Good luck!!

Becky Nosferatu

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