Monday, May 23, 2022

Recent Relay For Life Events


There's been much happening with the Relay for Life in the past few days. With the Fantasy Faire and Relaystock over, there were a number of events by the teams. On Thursday May 19 was "Bid the Lindens Bald," taking place at the side of the Relaystock sim next to American Cancer Society. A number of Lindens and Moles, including Patch Linden, were in five teams, each with a kiosk for people to donate to. The team that raised the least would end up losing their hair.

It was a huge part with way over fifty people present, including many of the Lindens and Moles. Team four, consisting of Frosty Linden, Kit Linden, Sequoia Linden, Derrick Linden, Milli Mole, was the one that came up short, and ended up in the barber chairs. A total of 620,682 Lindens was raised.

Saturday May 20 was the Sunbeamer (and Roos) Air Show. Taking place at Farshore Field in Sunlight Bay, as usual Cynthia Farshore outdid herself with displays of WW2 aircraft, numerous carnival rides, had a cannon people could shoot themselves into the air and a parachute to float back down, and a bicycle blimp racetrack that had people going about in three dimensions. There was also a performance by "DJ Kayala and the Kamgaroos" from "Roos With a Dream." 

There was also a performance from the Hawks Aerobatic Team, which put on quite a show.

Wildstar Beaumont would take some pictures and post them: (here). 

A little more than 10,000 Lindens was raised by Team Sunbeamers that day. The Roos would also make several thousand Lindens.

Later that day from 3-5 PM Was "The Ultimate Hud To Hud Dance Challenge," taking place between the Relay Rockers and "Roos With A Dream." This was a competition decided by donations to the kiosk of each team. 

There was some playful trash-talking between the two teams as the competition for Lindens was fairly intense as the two teams were close. But in the end, the Roos pulled out a win. Then the two teams danced together in celebration.

A total of $100,000 LIndens were raised by both teams.

There were other events that weekend by other teams, and there was the Sci-fi con ( and several more "Bid Me" events by the Sunbeamers at Club Cutlass. More on those later.

Go Relay!

Bixyl Shuftan

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