Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Snickers At The Relay

The following was overheard in Relay chat on the after noon of Friday April 29.

[17:35] Gem Sunkiller: snickers
[17:35] Kitty Gumbo (Prettykitty Gumbo): that makes sense
[17:35] ღ Mαyα ღ (MayaserenaCeNedra Resident): Snickers is a candy bar Gem.  c'mon
[17:36] Fuzzball Ortega: Rader, get me a Snickers. "With or without peanuts?" Without "Milky Way" Damn partials.
[17:36] Kitty Gumbo (Prettykitty Gumbo): my favorite show
[17:37] ღ Mαyα ღ (MayaserenaCeNedra Resident): My husband always says that Milky Way is just a female snickers.
[17:37] Gem Sunkiller: snickers again

Hang around in Relay chat long enough, you'll eventually get some snickers.

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