Wednesday, May 25, 2022

SL19B Map Update


Checking the map, the sims for the Second Life Birthday celebration are in two groups. Nine sims, SLB Amaze, SLB Astonish, SLB Astound, SLB Breathtaking, SLB Captivate, SLB Electrify, SLB Enchant, SLB Fantasy, and SLB Imagination are presumably the exhibition build areas. The other fifteen, SLB Awesome, SLB Beguile, SLB Dazzle, SLB Exhilarate, SLB Fascinate, SLB Impressive, SLB Incredible, SLB Magnificent, SLB Mesmirize, SLB Pizzazz, SLB Sparkle, SLB Spectacular, SLB Spellbound, SLB Stunning, and SLB Wonderous are presumably for Linden builds such as the stages and Tower of Time. Presumably a few days before the event opens, the sims will be combined again.

At this time, exhibitors are getting their plots. Some get their replies later than others. For the latter, the Moles are asking for patience, and for applicants to stay calm.

The Second Life Nineteenth Birthday celebrations take place from Thursday June 16 to Tuesday July 5. The theme this year is Steampunk.

Bixyl Shuftan

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