Monday, May 9, 2022

The Fantasy Faire Winds Down


Sunday May 8 was the last of the daily events at the Fantasy Faire, the final ones being late into the evening. Yours truly happened to catch the endgame party of the Tabletop Gaming by Chuu Hikari Akamine at The Carnelian Archive. 

Alright everyone, i would like to have one last speech before we end this little party. As of right now we have concluded the official schedule for Tabletop Gaming programs at Fantasy Faire 2022. It was an honour and a whole lot of fun with you guys ♥ I hope you have had as much fun playing with us as we have organising it with you guys. From all of my team, Chuu, Nyza, Remnant, Alesia, Chi, and Heather. We thank you all for your amazingness ♥

But while this may mean the end of the parties, it isn't the end of the Fairelends. The sims stay up until sometime late into the evening on Wednesday May 11. So those still doing the Fairelands Quest still have some time to finish up.

Following the end the the Faire comes a few events, such as the Relaystock, Bid the Lindens Bald, the Sunbeamer Air Show, and others. Then next month comes the high points of the Relay season with the Fivs Days of Relay, and the Relay Weelend.

Bixyl Shuftan

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