Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Independence Day USA at "The Corner"

 Looking for those flags and banners for July 4? USA is commemorating its Birthday which occurred in 1776 when we became a free nation. To celebrate in real-life, there will be parades, picnics and lots of fireworks! Flags will be raised high and banners across the roads. We in the US call it the Fourth of July.

To celebrate in SL, you need some decor. Vickijo Rivera had her creators gather some wonderful flags and balloons and other decor for your homes  at the Corner of Revolving time for you. They are all free! Just take a trip over to Ophelia sim and grab them. Step inside too to check out the rooms and rooms of furniture.  All these goodies were put here by Pink Josephina and Zain Darkwatch for your  taking.  
Also take a look to the right side of the building for your summer beach towels and umbrellas and then run over to the left where you will find tents and fires for your camping. As you pass by on your way to the tents pick up a great picnic table with seating for four. As usual all these are free. You can hang out on the beach too, or visit the wedding shop at the mall. 
Gemma Cleanslate

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