Monday, July 15, 2013

Press Release: Storytelling and Poetry at Creations Park

This Monday   6 PM SLT    

Storytelling and Poetry do take us on a journey !
A unique journey for everyone to our own truth and to our own inner beauty . . .  
When stories nourish our soul it can be magic :-)

Join us, share a story or a poem when you like and  have a wonderful experience !

What would our lives be without stories. Stories in books, but also stories we've experienced on life's journey. Some stories can make us smile. Others let us weep some tears. Some tears are tears of sadness. And some tears are tears of happiness. There is a saying that tears are our liquid self. And maybe, maybe our selves are the stories we like to tell and the stories we like to listen to, too.

Poetry and The Magic of Storytelling Comes to Creations Park

Bring a story with a bit magic in it ( 5 or 6 Minutes long ).  Or bring one of your favorite poems. Or a short passage from one of your favorite books. Of course, just joining us is always okay, and we are happy to welcome you.

We read aloud, we share  . . .and enjoy together at  beautiful Creations Park . . . the magic of wonderful  stories and thoughtful poems..

This time I'll have an introduction about the wisdom of poetry for us and a story from ancient  India about the birth of smiling.
Looking forward to see you all  :-)
Join us, share  and enjoy a beautiful and relaxing hour :-)
Lyle :-) 

6PM SL Time, Creations Park, (148, 202, 36)

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