Thursday, July 25, 2013

Press Release: Jamm for Genes in Second Life 2013

Since 2007 Jamm for Genes in Second Life has raised more than $7,500 for the Children's Medical Research Institute - an Australian Charity with global benefits.
In  2013 Jamm for Genes in SL we will be holding fund-raising concerts throughout the first weekend in August, supported by the generosity of over 50  Second Life musicians who will perform and donate all tips to the fund-raiser.

The event kicks off at Midnight on August 2nd with a concert at Lacey's Place

The Pocket will hold a 25 hour concert starting at 7 PM on August 2nd

B&Bs will host the finale concert from Midnight on the 4th August

Artists appearing at the event will include The Lohners, Jaggpro McCann, Russell Eponym, OhMy Kidd, The Matthew Show, Senjata Witt, Franklea Anatra, Noma Falta, Phoenix J, DaveCorbett Darwin, BlindBoy Gumbo, Bronze8020,  Laidback Celt, Stinna Celt, Mamaa Saiz, MrJonze Independant, Bamboof Stillmorning, Rosedrop Rust, Dead Cat Hat, Freestar & Quai, Anj Gustafson, Rocky Toocool, Spike Luckstone, Whirli  Placebo, Beth Odets, Kevin M Thomas Carpool, Vincent Carpathea, Bara Jonson, Katrose Serendipity, Rock Doghouse, Billy Thunders, JoeSatriani Feden and more. 
 Jamm for Genes is a recognised charity and part of the annual Jeans for Genes fund-raiser by the Children's Medical Research Institute - see these web links for more information.

For further information  about Jamm for Genes IM OhMy Kidd in world or email

OhMy Kidd is authorised to collect funds for Jamm for Genes under his RL name Matthew Davies. All in world donations will be transferred to the charity in full. Alternatively you can donate through OhMy's  Everyday Hero fund-raiser page at

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