Monday, July 22, 2013

Club Deviant Indulgence

One of the newest and hottest clubs to hit SL is Club Deviant Indulgence, located at  Madagascar (203, 217, 21).  The club is sleek, modern, and boasts a huge dance floor.    Their motto is “Feast on your wild side “, and their goal is to be the club to come to for a sexy, fun time.  They are off to a great start.   At their grand opening, which was held less than two weeks ago, an amazing eighty-seven (87!) SL residents came to dance, play, and party.  

The club is owned by Carla Darkwyr and Ŕєρ́σ ̴I̴v̶er̴s͡son (repojock), who are partners in both business and SL.   Carla, who has been in SL since 2010, told me she met Repo on his third day in SL.   She said she “befriended this noob and helped him turn one of his dreams into reality.”   Repo’s dream was to have a club, and Carla helped him build the Ice Bar and the Bald Beaver.    Over the past two years their friendship has grown and deepened, and they became partners on June 28 this year. 

On the business side of SL, the two have owned and operated separate clubs prior to combining their expertise in Club Deviant Indulgence.  Carla owns The Classy Tease with live singer Ichie Kamachi and Club Virtual Insanity with resident Lily Rootcreeper.  She also owns Darkwyr Muses Talent Agency.   Repo has owned other clubs in the past, including The Icebar and Bald Beaver as well as Sisters of Anarchy,  Tammy’s Roadhouse  and the first Tigeropolis  Club.     In addition to his SL experience  Repo bring RL expertise into SL.   Repo DJ’s and produces a weekly radio show that airs on on Sunday evenings, 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. CST.

They are combining their experience and expertise to make Club Deviant Indulgence a lively and fun site.   The Club will run seven days a week, from 2 pm. to midnight SL time.  On Tuesdays there will be live music, and on Thursdays there will be karaoke from 8 to 10 SL time.   Ichie Kamachi is one of the musicians who will perform live.   In addition to Repo, 8pin and Midnight DJ’d during the grand opening.  They are expected to continue wow’ing the crowds with their music, although the schedule for both DJ’s and live performers is still a work in progress.

Repo told me they plan to play “a mix from live music to karaoke to rock and pop.”  He said they may even play country “on occasion”.   Their goal is to create a friendly and inviting club.   Repo said their plan is to offer “top notch entertainment”, as well as contests, hunts, and high value prizes.

They want residents to have the best possible club experience.  They have invested in the best and most reliable sound system available.  In addition, they have installed a chat floor so that residents can chat comfortably throughout the whole club without having to shout.   The chat floor covers a large area, from the landing point outside the club to the back of the stage, as well as extending to both sides.

Both Repo and Carla stressed that all residents are welcome here, including furries, tinies, vampires, and everyone in between.   “We don’t discriminate at all here,” Repo said.  “We invite everyone to come have fun.”  “Fun is the key,” he said.   Carla agreed, although she noted their club isn’t a good place for kids.   All adults, however, are definitely welcome.

Both Repo and Carla are friendly and outgoing.  They both said that one of the things they like about running a club is that they get to meet different people from around the world and those from different lifestyles.   During our interview, numerous people wandered into the club, even though we met before regular club hours.   Both Repo and Carla greeted them and made sure they felt welcomed.   Carla said they have hired a personable, friendly staff, too.     They are currently looking for additional friendly, talented residents to work at the Club.   They have openings for a variety of positions, including DJ’s, hosts, and dancers.    Anyone interested should contact Kati Lorgsval or Malice Marsault for details.

Outside the club is a mall area with a variety of small shops.   Sweet Temptations and Caffeine were two of the shops that offered some wilder clothes choices.   There was also a kiosk that sold motor scooters and a photo sphere.

In addition to its SL location, Madagascar (203, 217, 21), Club Deviant Indulgence can be found on Facebook and Twitter.

Grey Lupindo

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