Friday, July 26, 2013

"Server Side" Blues

Well, yours truly is down to one working viewer. With Linden Lab's "Project Sunshine" and it's "server side" baking, the result was my Singularity viewer, which hadn't offered an upgrade since May, starting to get buggy. It was freezing up frequently, rezzing slower, and crashing more often. And finally, it's starting to become unusable, freezing up when starting then crashing. So that leaves a year old version of Cool VL. More recent upgrades of this viewer for some reason won't work. And neither will Firestorm or the official viewers.

The result is well, some avatars looking like the one above. Exploring my options on what to do.


  1. I am using both the LL viewer (beta), Nirans, and Exodus. In fact, the Exodus is basically an LL viewer with a view added bits. I do not have too many issues other than from my ATT DSL 6.0Mbps down. I do not get the fuss over SSA so many are dishing out.

  2. The biggest issue with any of the viewers not working when updated is the cache. You have to manually wipe the entire directory clean before you run the program after updating, or you'll get all kinds of garbage and crashing problems.

    you'd think that any updater would do that for you. But considering NONE of the viewers and their independent programmers bother to do it, despite the problems it causes, one can only surmise it's complex to do... clearing a directory of files...

  3. This happens to me a lot recently, but I find that clearing my cache solves the problem until the next time.