Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Luskwood Goes Egyptian

I'd heard something about Luskwood changing it's look a couple weeks ago. But it was only earlier this week that I got a good look at the place since the change. For the majority of it's history, Luskwood's social area was more or less a simple wood base with some railing and a few basic decorations. It has changed some over the years with the addition of more seats, a chess game, etc. But months ago came a bigger change when grass was laid down, and some Japanese style structures were set up. Well, it seems the Luskies decided on a new look.

 Dropping by the place, it had taken on an Ancient Egyptian look, with the store area set up to look like the ruins of a structure, with hieroglyphs and carvings, jackal statues, scaffolding, pillars and obelisks, palms trees in spots to resemble oasis, and lots and lots of sand.

The shop is still running as before. A friend came by to request an update to her avatar, and she got it.

And the social platform is still as active as ever. This place in Luskwood remains one of the few spots on the grid you can always find someone, even at odd hours.

Luskwood is one of the oldest social areas in Second Life still active, due to celebrate it's tenth anniversary on September 10. It's also the oldest, and still one of the major, furred avatar companies.  Unlike some mainly furred places, Lusk has always maintained and enforced a PG atmosphere.

For Lusk's entry on the Second Life Wiki: Click Here

Bixyl Shuftan


  1. The Egyptian theme is our summer theme :) We have a new design for each season, thanks to our "set designer", Pomke Nohkan, and folks who help out with it, Like Kitsu Nico.

    Our spring theme was "Asian tea house" - not sure what we're going to do for fall :)

  2. The Egyptian themes are different in different seasons such as the summer and the winter season.

    lån på dagen