Friday, July 26, 2013

Press Release: Club Vet USO Tour For Wounded Warrior

Club Vet USO Tour sponsored by Doom Crew
Wounded Warrior Project Fundraising Events:
with performers such as: Anek Fuchs,  JimmT49 Dukes, Frets Nirvana
All Scheduling for an event at your venue is done one month or more prior to the event. This allows time to get Tags to the performers, and the Wounded Warrior kiosk placed on your sim.
Live Performers are subject to change. This will be arranged one week prior to the event on your sim. We will scheduled to have a Wounded Warrior Kiosk Set out as well.
All Performers are Paid by Club Vet and Doom Crew.
For more information please contact Checkers Firelight, Dg Jaxxon, Donguapo, or Jardasius Ecksol

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