Saturday, July 6, 2013

Steelhead Salmon's Relay for Life Festival

At the Steelhead Estates, the community's Relay For Life team, the Steelhead Salmons, are having their festival this weekend. The festival began yesterday on Friday, and will continue on to Sunday. Each day has it's own event, plus there's a "treasure hunt" throughout the festival.

For the Treasure Hunt, start at Steelhead (89, 137, 25)

Find all 12 awareness ribbons throughout Steelhead! Each stop takes you to a different destination in Steelhead where you have to hunt for the next clue. At the end of the journey you'll find some gifts courtesy of various Steelhead Vendors and citizens. Remember, the hunt begins July 5th and ends July 7th. Your first clue takes you to Main Steelhead... good luck!

From about 7-10PM on Friday July 5, the Salmons hosted a "Cowboys and Indians" part. Fuzzball Ortega DJed for the party for the first two hours while DJ Zanya spun the tunes for the third. Steelhead's residents then exchanged their usual Victorian wear for something more rustic of the Old West as they danced near a set up Indian village, with at least one resident taking on the part of an Indian. One wag had a creative interpretation of "cowboy" by dressing up as a player of the Dallas Cowboys football team.

For a list of pictures, check IshtarAngel Micheline's Flickr account section (here).

On Saturday July 6, the Steelhead will be having it's Steelhead Salmons Annual Horse Race. The entry fee is 50L, payable into the Relay kiosk. Starting at 5:20, there will be three races, two are for horses, with the third for other animal mounts. Besides trophies for each race, there will be "an award for best costume and most unusual animal."

The race track is on a sky platform above the sim at Steelhead Shanghai (127, 128, 2504)

On Sunday July 8th, the festival wraps things up with a dance party at Club Gears. Fuzball Ortega will be DJing from 7 to 9, broadcasting the music onto Krypton Radio ad DJ DeBaum.

"Go Relay!"

Image credit: IshtarAngel Micheline

Bixyl Shuftan

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