Friday, July 26, 2013

Podex Art Gallery

By Gemma Cleanslate
Podex Exchange is one of our SL Newser sponsors who provides residents a banking opportunity within Second Life. Now there is a new aspect to their Second Life presence. Since Jacek Shuftan the owner of Podex is an afficianado or art in real life and Second Life, there is an art gallery which opened in April within their exchange building. 
 Their statement: “Podex Art Gallery is a non-profit project aimed at promoting creativity of Second Life Residents. Our goal is to bring together various art tendencies to showcase the diversity of Second Life art. The three-floor gallery building features both permanent and temporary exhibitions and allows you to sample the diverse talents not only of creators already recognized for their work but also of those who have just entered the scene of Second Life art.“
I went to visit the permanent and the temporary collections in the Coda Region. There are so many wonderful pieces in both exhibits, some by artists I know well and also some I have not encountered before. The lower level of the gallery has exquisite art that for the most part is the permanent collection . Here are  wonderful pieces there that will remain. On the upper floor of the main building, at this time is a retrospective of the art of Asmita Duranhaya that is enchanting. She has numerous  pieces that delight the viewer, many of which have movement within them. Sit down and enjoy each one.
Across way there is a separate area of  building called “Polish Art” that can be reached from either floor. Presently on  the lower level is an exhibit of the vibrant art of Leev Turbo. Wonderful dragons and magical monoliths are scattered about the room. Above on the next level Deso Ersetu has many of his gothic sculptures on display on the upper level. They remind one of stories of  ancient times. Take a close look. I talked with Kika Eel who is the curator of the gallery and she told me that they are going to be adding to the permanent collection in time and the temporary exhibits will remain for a while. She will be arranging  for temporary artists both new and old in sl. “We are constantly searching for new pieces and new artists. We would like to encourage all those amazing and talented people out there to showcase their work. To make themselves visible.“
You can check out more information on the exhibits at . Keep this as a reference but do go and visit the exhibits !!! It is all for your pleasure.
Gemma Cleanslate

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