Sunday, July 7, 2013

Last Look at the SL10B

It's been a week since the Second Life Tenth Birthday celebration closed down. Staff, exhibitors, and residents alike have expressed sadness at it's passing. So a few odds and ends, plus a selection of screenshots we hadn't shown yet as a last good bye (baring Reader Submissions).

In contrast to Daniel Voyager's Blog, which reported frequently on the SL10B, Hamlet Au's New World Notes didn't mention it much. But he did offer a few interesting articles. While several Lindens showed up at the event, it seems a number of former Lindens visited the anniversary. They gathered at The Cornfield, shared old stories about their times at the Lab, and danced. One exhibit ex-Linden Teegan Linden liked a lot was the History Walk, "The walk is a wonderful reminder that history is ongoing - and how honored I am to have been a part of it. I'll always love Second Life and the people who make it what it is - Residents and Lindens alike."

A commentary article he wrote, which fits into the theme of "Looking back," was of an article about virtual worlds in science fiction in the past forty years. He noted that most of them depicted virtual reality in a negative light, an exception being "Star Trek's" holodeck. Perhaps they had a little to do with why Second Life didn't become more popular.

And finally, yours truly did his share of exploring around the SL10B grounds while they were up. A list of screenshots of the exhibits, and a couple notable people at them.

For the list, go to Places.

Bixyl Shuftan

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