Friday, October 18, 2013

Legal Pannel of Lawyers to Discuss Second Life's New ToS

As the ToS/ content creator rights controversy continues, the number of opinions on the matter has become legion. But what do those who make their living practicing law think? Vaki Zenovka, a blogger in Second Life whom in real life is an attorney at law, announced that there would be a discussion on the issue with a panel of lawyers knowledgeable on Internet legal matters, "We’ll take a close, detailed look at exactly what the controversial section of the new ToS means, how it affects content creators (and regular users), what changed from the old terms, and why people are so upset. More importantly, we’ll answer your questions and discuss how the Terms of Service affects your rights now and in the future."

The meeting will take place on Saturday Oct 19 at 10AM SL time (1 PM EST) at the Justitia Virtual Legal Resource Village at Justitia (126/120/954)."We will try to record the event, and we hope we will also be able to reprise the panel on a second date if the demand is high enough." The pannel will conduct the discussion in Voice.

Source: "Insert Funny Name"

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