Friday, October 4, 2013

On the Playa

Since we finished our Ranger Training for the Burn2 I have been on the playa trying to help the builders hard at work there. The creations going up are amazing as usual. The temple is ready. 
The entrance is ready and already occupied by ub Yifi’s realistic avatar people. There are trailers carrying supplies all over the 6 sims. I saw some vehicles rezzers along the road already placed for use by visitors.  I use a personal segway most of the time when I am rangering, as it is wearable and I won’t forget it in the wrong place. 
I see boards asking still for volunteers. There are so many ways one can volunteer on the playa. Take a look at the list here to see if you find something you would like to do: I have been a lamplighter at times, a greeter, host at a party on the dj stages and enjoyed all those jobs. 
Mainly I am a ranger and this is my 5th year. Rangers are here on the playa to help. We try to assist in any way that builders or visitors need assistance. We try to keep everything on the playa running smoothly and avoid any interference with a pleasurable time for all. Sorry the job of ranger this year is already filled. There is extensive training to become a ranger and the classes have completed for 2013 but you can consider it for next year. 
It is a busy time, from now to the last hours of burn2. Get involved. You will enjoy it. Check out the history of Burn2 on the Burn2 blog:
Gemma Cleanslate

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