Tuesday, October 22, 2013

SL Video: "Draxtor Destinations: Escapades @ BURN2"

(Click Here if video fails to load)

"BURN2 is happening from NOW to the 27th of October in the virtual world of Second Life and the residents of Escapades have a plot this year you should not miss: loads of surprises and possibly even wisdom to pick up..."

"So hop in and meet the team at Burning Man-Elko (145/214/24)

"All content made by Loki Eliot, Jimmy Branagh, Richardus Raymaker, Tepic Harlequin, Flokers, Nat Merit, Matthew Querrien, Lui Ashland, Arminatsifira Resident, Cody Tebaldi, Sven Homewood, David Thurman, Myrtil Igaly and Avariel Falcon, anime avatar by Ulitizator Mode"

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