Friday, October 11, 2013

US Military Grid Experiment Taking Place Today

From 5 to 8PM EST (2 to 5 SL time), there will be an experiment running on the US military-backed MOSES Grid. Experiment DSG #5 (Distributed Service Graph) is to "stress-test" the Grid by populating it with a large number of avatars and observing the results. Public participation is encouraged (Click Here to register). Those registered are asigned roles as either soldiers or civilians in a village in the mythical country of Atrophia. There are viewers available for PC, Mac, and Linux computers.

On the experiment on July 20, the Grid was able to hold 163 avatars.  In theory, the DSG Grid could hold close to a thousand. More on DSG technology can be read in this 2011 Hypergrid Business article.

The MOSES Public Grid is an ongoing development of the Military Open Simulator Enterprise Strategy (MOSES) Project, supported by a coalition of Military, Industry, and Academic partners who share a common interest in the advancement of virtual world technology for simulation based training. The MOSES Public Grid offers a virtual world platform for individual and collaborative strategy development utilizing 3D immersive environments.  The MOSES Public Grid resident community is composed of professionals from many disciplines include military, technology, science, government, education, industry, and the arts.  They have created a strong network of support, meeting inworld weekly for MOSES Office Hours and sharing discussions using the MOSES Mail List.  Many residents have been awarded Estate Manger Strategy Development Land Grants and contribute to each others 3D content and virtual immersive strategy. development.

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