Thursday, October 17, 2013

How Will You Celebrate Halloween?

Second Life Newser recently got a letter from Kendra Thornton, whom had come across the newsletter, and enjoyed reading about Second Life through the articles. She did have a question for the residents, "I see that you are into living a culture infused lifestyle! With that being said, are you getting ready for the Halloween season?"

- Do you have any fun traditions you do this time of year in terms of haunted hay rides, scary movies you like watching, visiting haunted houses or hearing infamous ghost stories?
- What is your favorite thing about Halloween? Is it the candy, the hot cider, the pumpkin spiced lattes or maybe those delicious candy apples (feel free to add in if I am missing something!)
Second Life in general has sometimes been compared to Halloween, as residents can look more or less like whatever they want. But when October rolls around, people are more inclined to go for a more spooky look, or feel the time is right to cast aside caution and wear something more daring, more comical, or something entirely different than they would normally dare. And of course there are the haunts, Halloween parties, and more.

So what are you the readers planning? Got pictures of your Halloween look? Send them to us. Did you want to tell about a fantastic haunted house? Please write about it and send us the story. Or perhaps you and your friends had an interesting Halloween in Second Life experience. We'd sure love to hear the story.

Send stories and pictures to Bixyl Shuftan, either inworld or email at

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