Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Press Release: C.A.L.L. Asking For Artists in Protest Exhibition

Somnium Photo Art Gallery hereby invites all artists in SL to take part in a free, open and non-commercial exhibition - C.A.L.L. (Creators Against Linden Lab)

Create a piece of art that expresses your point of view on the Linden Lab terms of service section 2.3. - create a piece of art which property rights you will gladly grant on your own free will to Linden Lab. If there will be enough entries, Somnium Photo Art Gallery will host an exhibition of these pieces of art throughout November and December.

Pieces of art should be not more than 2 prims and 4 x 4 meters. They will be set for sale at 0 L$, as the content you have uploaded to SL is not yours anyway with the current LL TOS. All pieces should be submitted as a full perm copy to Walt Ireton until October 31st. If there will be more entries as there is available space in the exhibition room, I will select which pieces will be in the exhibition.

Remember that Linden Lab "owns Intellectual Property Rights in (...) Linden Lab trademarks, service marks, trade names, logos" - as it is stated in the same document which grants full property rights to LL for all YOUR creative content. Don't use anything that violates legal property rights of LL.

Contact Walt Ireton if you wish to be a part in this exhibition or if you have any questions.

CALL Exhibition Room
Somnium Art Gallery
Greece (51/25/35)

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