Saturday, April 12, 2014

"Cinderella" By The Pitter Patter Dance Group

Last weekend I saw the Don Quixote Ballet which I reported on . This week I found myself at a presentation of Cinderella. It was a fundraiser for the Relay for Life performed by the Pitter Patter Dance Group,
who say this of themselve,s “ We is tinies an' we dances.  We duz good shows."  *Nosebeep*
It  was a hysterical version of Cinderella, a pantomime, such fun!! The music was a riot and the dancers amazing little critters.  The audience was composed mostly of tinies also , with some adults sprinkled in , and the chat  was great! A new take of the Cinderella story ... she only wants to play soccer... the prince needs money for dad and mom ... and  the footman? Well,  big part of the story. The ad says, “ You'll laugh. You'll cry. You'll throw rotten eggs.  Your life will be changed! Never will you look at Cinderella in the same way again.” 
I spoke with Aminata Potez , one of the principals in the group who told me it will be shown again on these dates and at these sims, always at 3:00 PM SL time , Saturday the 19th in Vortex, Thursday the 24th in Rainbow. You can contact aminata Potez for landmarks.

There will be a showing at the Isle of Gazoo today at 3:00 if you can get there.

Gemma Cleanslate

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  1. The ACTS Relay Team appreciated the support of the Pitter Patter Dance Group! We had a great time and made an awesome donation to RFL of SL!!! Thanks for all your hard work!